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Landlord stories

I’ve been unsure of what to blog since I started this site a couple years ago and assumed I had nothing new to offer so why bother writing. Lately I have had several phone calls from landlords and tenants that have given me an idea. I normally share experiences in my training classes and will continue to do so, but I am now going to blog about experiences that I hear about first hand. Here goes:

I recently had a call from a landlord who had taken my training class and was looking for advice on how to handle a “crazy” tenant. It turns out that this tenant who was “wonderful” when he moved in was now refusing to pay rent, damaging the rental and threatening the landlord and her family. The landlord said she didn’t bother to call the previous landlord for a reference because this person owned his own coffee shop and was an honest local businessman. She later found out that he was being evicted at the time he moved into her rental. The landlord is expecting a lock out on Monday the 6th but doesn’t want to be part of it because the tenant threatened to kill anyone who tried to lock him out.

This is a great example of why landlords need to be thorough when checking backgrounds. A few minutes on the phone could have saved this landlord tremendous heartache, loss of rent and damage to her property. She told me that the neighbor she talked to said the guy has already rented another place so the bad tenant has again taken advantage of a landlord who is too trusting.

Published: July 1, 2015

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